SEMINARS and COACHING: Acquiring industry expertise

Our on-line courses provide FOUNDATION KNOWLEDGE to a variety of individuals about the business of luxury jet interior design and VIP aircraft interiors. For group training we offer other solutions such as customized programs in which additional material is presented.

On-site SEMINARS are available to BUSINESSES who wish to provide training to their key employees and have neither the time to COACH them nor the in-house expertise.

We support higher education and make our seminars available to EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS such as universities who wish to provide a specialized course to their students in view to enlarge their professional options.


  • Tailored Content
  • Flexibility
  • Setting of specific goals
  • Paced Learning
  • Opportunity for discussion
  • Personal attention
  • Additional material not in our on-line standard course
  • Schedule control
  • Improvement
  • Motivation
  • Small group instruction
  • Guided practice

Instructional Consulting for a customized solution upon request.
Our proposal takes into consideration:

  • Course content and scope
  • Number of participants
  • Participant profile
  • Schedule and location
  • Goals to be achieved
  • English proficiency level
  • Lead time to presentation

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