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The Industry Behind the Luxury Jets

With new markets opening up, globalization and growing demand in private aviation, new businesses that support aircraft owners will be created: Fixed Base Operations, Refurbishment Centers, Aircraft Management Companies, Suppliers, to name a few. New careers will be started in engineering, sales, design, production. The industry behind the luxury jets is dynamic and in full expansion.

Unique, Specialized, Confidential, Competitive and Exciting

It is best described as a confidential line of business, privacy respected, invisible to most, no pictures allowed. It is also a competitive business where not much sharing of information takes place making it even harder to learn the specifics.

This site is for people who want to learn about aircraft interior customization, for private or corporate use. The Course supplies answers to questions such as:

What is the business about? What does it take to build a VIP aircraft interior? What do I need to know if considering a career in the field? Where do I go to learn about it?

The Course

The course supplies an e-learning solution to these questions. The course is compact, full of exclusive graphics, self-guided, to the point,  provides the industry essentials and is easy to understand for people who are not already in aviation. It is designed with future aviation professionals in mind. It can also help the first time aircraft owners who, as consumers, want to be knowledgeable. Interior Designers who wish to specialize in the design of VIP aircraft interiors will find in this course what is not available to them anywhere else. It encapsulates what takes years to learn on-site, and from different perspectives.

The course is presented in 4 modules. They show a progression towards the specifics and details. Modules do intersect in their content as all is connected in the creation of a customized VIP cabin interior. They are organized to describe the processes that in a project might run in parallel or in sequence.

The FOUNDATION MODULE is a prerequisite to understanding all other Modules. The following :

PROCESS MODULE, DESIGN MODULE, TECHNICAL MODULE, can be taken independently, though it is recommended to take the Design Module before the Technical oneEach module is broken down into self paced lessons for an easier read.

From the Foundation Module which consists of 8 lessons we have selected Lesson 8 “The Industry”.

From the Process Module which consists of 8 lessons we have selected  Lesson 2 “Definition Phase – Conceptual “.

From the Design Module which consists of  12 lessons we have selected Lesson 7 “Business Jets”.

From the Technical Module which consists of 21 lessons we have selected  Lesson 7 ” Seats – Part 2″. 

We will gladly provide a complete list of lessons upon request. Please Contact Us