“The average gives the world its substance, the exceptional gives it its value”- Oscar Wilde.

A Luxurious Jet Interior is a thing of prestige, glamour and beauty created to satisfy a lifestyle, the pleasure of the most discerning customers and for the necessities of business. Behind each jet there is a client with a vision, a passion and unique needs, a taste for the exquisite, carefully selected materials from all over the world and the wish to travel in comfort.

Behind each jet there there is a project achieved through experience, research, talent, managerial expertise, that is designed and then engineered.The cabin interior has to be safe, maintainable, in addition to comfortable and luxurious. The design has to be feasible, both from an engineering and certification standpoint, besides beautiful. The aircraft has to be delivered to the customer on time and to specification.

LUXURY JET INTERIORS grew from the experience acquired during 2 decades of DESIGNING to the SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS OF AVIATION. Our Consulting services are available to Aircraft Owners, the Companies that create and build the aircraft cabin interiors and the companies that support them. Some of the services we offer them are listed below

When an Aircraft owner needs…

  • Completion center survey and selection
  • Interior design services (from concept through detail development)
  • Expert representation during the specification of an interior and contract negotiations
  • Project oversight, production and fabrication liaison
  • Quality Control

When a Refurbishment, Modification or Completion Center needs…

  • Interior Design support
  • Sales support
  • Process improvement

Design Firms needing expert input on Aviation Projects…

  • Completion Center Survey and selection
  • Specification writing
  • Design Integration
  • Project oversight, production and fabrication liaison

The list above is not exhaustive.

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