About Luxury Jet Interiors

Foundation Knowledge

This learning site is dedicated to providing  foundation knowledge, about the business of VIP Aircraft Interiors, a very specialized segment of General Aviation. We offer Online Courses, Customized Seminars, Coaching and Consulting Services. The Seminars are tailored to the specific needs of a group and allow for a more in-depth approach of the subjects covered in the courses to achieve industry expertise.

General Aviation and VIP Aircraft Interiors: A dynamic business


This specialized field has developed in the West over the past 50 years. This program is aimed at professionals, existing or future, with a global reach, in particular to countries whose economies will be growing private and corporate aircraft owners, operators, service providers, completion centers, designers, countries for which there is a need for trained professionals in this dynamic and exciting field.

With the courses the student will have access to a comprehensive view of the business that is usually acquired over many years of working in the field. A working professional would normally acquire expertise in his/ her branch only. The courses provide an overview of the multiple facets of the industry, how they connect, move and align, like a Rubick’s cube, to achieve the goal: A successful project. If knowledge is power, this course will give confidence to the student and the advantage of acquiring Foundation Knowledge when venturing in this unique field.

There are aeronautical schools that will teach you how to be a pilot, a mechanic, engineer or teach aircraft management; There are schools that teach design; There are none that specialize in VIP Aircraft Interiors.

DSCF0174About the creation of the LUXURY JET INTERIORS | EDU concept.

People are often asked what they do for a living:

“What do you do professionally?”

-“I am an Aircraft Interior Designer for VIP jets”.

-“What a unique profession! How does one get into this field”?


After the initial surprise, that is usually the next question. “I have had this conversation many times before during my career”, says the founder.  “Often, by people who really had a professional interest: “Where does one get a VIP Aircraft Interiors education”? So far the only way was to start working in the field, acquiring the information along the way, in a context where everyone is on a tight schedule and has no time to train someone.

What if that experience were encapsulated into a format that could be easily transmitted to someone else? A short cut to experience, so to speak.

So the founder of LJIEDU set out to do just that. And as an industry expert in VIP Aircraft Interiors whose international career in the field spans over 18 years, she had a lot to say.